Your payroll always on time
Manage your employees in an easy and efficient way

Your payrolls
always on time

  • Mange your pay slips with all the information you need, base salary, supplements, flexible remuneration, withholdings, gross salary, etc.
  • Check at all times the status of each payroll to see if it is a draft, if it has been issued or if it has been finalized and paid.

Coordination of schedules
and absences

  • Review your team's absences.
  • Receive notifications of sick leaves that arise in your time, whether announced or unexpected.
  • Coordinate your team’s absences with an overview in the calendar. Know their total days and their available days.

All your employees' contracts
always available

  • Organize in a simpler and clear way the employment contract of all your employees.
  • Easily add and remove employees.
  • Make the hiring of your employees and easy process.

Keep the track of time and attendance
in an automated way

  • Meet your employees’ timekeeping obligations.
  • Your employees can record their working hours from their browser or through a mobile App.

Employee portal to share information
with your employees

  • Your employees will be able to see their pay slips.
  • Your employees will be able to see their income and withholding certificates.
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