We make our customers' lives easier

For over 30 years, at Vosel, we provide flexible accounting, tax, and payroll solutions. We are either the accounting, taxation, and management department of our clients or an extension of the same.

We specialize in various sectors such as real estate, construction, commerce, hospitality, and more.

Our culture is built on excellence and exceeding our clients’ expectations. We offer a personalized service that ensures the peace of mind and effective management of our clients’ businesses.”

Years of experience
international clients

Our service offering

We make our team of professionals, value proposition, methodology, and advanced technology available to manage your business.


We handle the accounting for companies and self-employed individuals.

Tax compliance

We prepare and file your tax declarations, ensuring timely compliance.


We take care of preparing your employees' payrolls, as well as handling hirings, terminations, and social security matters.

Treasury management

We support our clients in payment control, bank interactions, and more.

Company formation

We guide you through the process of forming companies in Spain.

Legal advisory

We handle your company's day-to-day operations from a corporate perspective.

NIF/NIE acquisition

Te asistimos en la obtención del NIE o NIF.

Economic and financial analysis

We turn your figures and data into valuable information for you.

Reasons to trust Vosel

Unified solution

We manage your accounting, taxes, and payroll through a single point of contact to make your life easier.


You will have access to all your information on our portal, accessible from anywhere, at any time.


Our team is committed to providing excellent service, making all communication channels available to our clients.

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