Why Vosel?

Vosel is a 360º online consultancy where we offer all invoicing, accounting, tax, payroll and legal services whether you are a company or self-employed.

Everything under control

With Vosel you will have your company under control at all times as you will be able to access your accounts in real time and see how the results of the financial year are going. You will also have comparative graphs showing all your results.


With our application you will create invoices in an easy and intuitive way, being able to create recurring invoices and customizing the models with your corporate image. All your invoices will be directly reflected in your accounting.


In addition, you will be able to see that your tax obligations are up to date, that all your taxes are filed and if you have any requirements from the Tax Agency. We file your taxes for you so you don't have to worry about deadlines.

Your employees

Vosel also offers you all the human resources services you need. We prepare the employment contracts, your employees' pay slips and their social security contributions. Your employees will also have access to the employee portal where they will be able to register their working hours or request their holidays.


Vosel also provides you with templates of all types of contracts so that you can prepare them yourself or, if you prefer, our advisors will review them for you.


With Vosel you will find out about all the subsidies and grants that may apply to your business and we will accompany you throughout the subsidy application process.

“Vosel provides you with all the services of a traditional consultancy adapted to today’s world and much more”.


Increase your profits

Monitor your income and expenses to make the right decisions.


Reduce your expenses

Control your business expenses in real time with our service.


Manage your time

You won't have to travel. All our service is online and fast.


From any device

Access your company from any device.



Everything at your disposal when you need it.


From anywhere

Everything at your disposal from anywhere.


Maximum security

All your information stored in the best servers.

Carlos Ruíz

Muy buen servicio de asesoría online
Muy bien servicio de asesoría online. Las aplicaciones para llevar la contabilidad son muy intuitivos. El programa para hacer facturas también es muy sencillo. Los impuestos los presentan ellos sin que tenga que preocuparme de nada.
Estoy muy contento con el servicio de Vosel.

Rocío Torner

Desde que contraté a Vosel vivo mucho más tranquila; las aplicaciones contables son muy intuitivas, preparo mis facturas fácil y rápidamente. Además, ellos presentan mis impuestos sin que yo tenga que preocuparme de nada. Y con asesores así, da gusto. Muchas gracias

Patricia López

Garantía de confianza
Todo muy bien estoy muy contenta ellos presentan mis impuestos sin que tenga que preocuparme. Mi asesor me ayuda mucho con la contabilidad de mi empresa

Marga Maura

Excelente servicio de asesoría online
Muy buen servicio de asesoría online! Con vosel es muy fácil llevar mi contabilidad y ellos presentan mis impuestos. Estoy muy contenta con mi asesor. Muy recomendable

Sara Uvs

Gran servicio
Todo muy bien estoy muy contenta con el servicio!! Son excelentes profesionales

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