Digital certificate instantly

Issuance of digital certificates valid for any public administration

Obtain a digital certificate 100% online with Vosel. With our service you will be able to obtain a digital certificate for both natural and legal persons without having to go to any public body to prove your identity.

With this digital certificate you will be able to access the electronic headquarters of any public administration as well as sign documents digitally accrediting their author. Without having to carry out any formalities on the website of the Spanish Mint (FNMT) and without having to go to any public administration to prove your identity.

You will receive your digital certificate for installation in less than an hour and you can install it on as many computers as you wish. Our certificates are also compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices.

Digital certificates

Digital certificate for natural persons
  • For personal purposes of any citizen regardless of nationality. Also, for self-employed entrepreneurs in procedures related to their economic activity.
For legal representative of a legal person
  • For a natural person to act on behalf of a legal person: administrators, directors, proxies, attorneys-in-fact, etc.
For representative of an entity without legal personality
  • Communities of owners, community of goods.
  • To prove the origin and identity of the company or legal entity. It is used to electronically stamp documents such as delivery notes, invoices, etc. Not for signing contracts. It replaces the traditional physical stamp.

Your digital certificate valid for any administration


In less than one hour and 100% online


Valid for fixed devices and for iOS and Android mobile devices

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