The Statute of the Self-Employed

The Statute of the Self-Employed is the document that sets out the rights and duties of the self-employed in Spain. It was approved in 2007 and thanks to it, the differences between self-employed workers and other employees have been considerably reduced.

In general terms, the Statute of the Self-Employed clearly defines the figure of the self-employed and their rights and duties. Among the most important aspects are the regulation of occupational risk prevention and the establishment of economic guarantees for this type of worker. In other words, the benefits for the self-employed are improved, and they will also be able to collect unemployment benefits when they cease their activity, and early retirement will be allowed for employees linked to toxic or dangerous activities.

Hiring is also made more flexible and the self-employed will be able to hire children under the age of 30, while the situation of dependent self-employed workers is finally regulated.

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