Allowances for the self-employed

There are different allowances applicable to the self-employed. On this page we refer to the most important ones.

Flat rate for new self-employed

The flat rate, in force since 2013, is the star bonus. Initially, a fee of 50 euros per month was approved for those under 30 years of age. At present, the flat rate is 60 euros and self-employed workers of all ages are eligible for it. There is only one requirement: not to have been registered as self-employed in the last 2 or 3 years.

After the first 12 months, the increase in the quota is progressive.

Rebates for the self-employed collaborators

The reduction of the self-employed contribution that can be applied for is similar to the flat rate, but it is not compatible. During the first 18 months they can benefit from a 50% reduction of the social security contribution, while the following 6 months the percentage drops to 25%.

Allowances for self-employed companies

Self-employed corporate or company managers cannot, theoretically, benefit from the flat rate of 50 euros, nor do they have access to most of the bonuses enjoyed by the rest of the self-employed workers. However, the courts are giving reason to the self-employed who are claiming their right to the flat rate.

Family reconciliation bonus

The allowance for reconciling work and family life consists of a reduction in the self-employed worker’s contribution that allows self-employed workers to take advantage of a reduction in working hours to take care of a child under 7 years of age, or a dependent relative up to the second degree. This reduction is 100% of the self-employed quota.

Recruitment bonuses

There is a multitude of recruitment aid in the form of reductions in employer’s social security contributions.

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