What is Vosel?

Vosel is a tool for SMEs and freelancers with which all the administrative tasks of your business will be easier. With Vosel you will receive all the services of a traditional agency in a virtual way. We will take care of helping you with your accounting, the preparation and presentation of your taxes and the payroll of your employees. You will be able to access your accounting in real time, you will have templates for recurring contracts and we will help you in the process of applying for subsidies. With Vosel you will have your business organised so that you can focus on growing your business.

Why does Vosel exist?

Vosel arises from the need to modernise traditional administrative agencies. With collaborative digital means we save time and money for our clients by providing an exceptional quality service.

Who is it aimed at?

Vosel is designed for SMEs and freelancers in the digital age who want to take their business to the next level.

What differentiates Vosel from other tools?

At Vosel we offer a top quality service, we care about our customers and we listen to them. We do not have a closed mentality but we want to adapt to what our clients need.

Who prepares and files my taxes?

With Vosel we will take care of the preparation and filing of your taxes and provide you with the tax return. With Vosel we guarantee that all deductions will be correctly applied and that you will only pay the taxes that apply to you.

How does Vosel help me to prepare my invoices?

With Vosel you will have different templates for preparing invoices so that you can maintain your corporate image.

Who is responsible for the preparation of my employees' pay slips?

With Vosel we will take care of the preparation of your employees’ pay slips and all of them will always be available on the employee portal. We also take care of the new incorporations, modifications or cancellations of employees, drawing up the contracts and carrying out the procedures with the SEPE and the Social Security.

Does Vosel have a tool to monitor working hours?

Yes, Vosel offers you the best tool on the market to control your employees’ working hours. With our tool your employees will be able to clock in and record their working hours.
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